My stolen bike story

Can you believe, someone stole my $800 mountain bike on Tuesday March 4th from the driveway of one of my neighbors?

After searching my neighborhood and the rest of University Place, I was ready to give up. Then one week later on the 11th, I was eating breakfast as my brother was leaving to walk down to the bus stop. A few minutes later he came running back in the house and he was yealling at me to hurry up cause he just saw the UP bum riding MY bike. I grabed my camera and Michael and I raced off to find this man. I had Michael record him as we drove by with the camera.

The guy, on MY BIKE!

Then we parked a few streets down, viewed the tape and conclued that it was probably my bike but we wern't sure. I wanted to just call the police but finding them when you want them (without a cell phone) isn't exactly as easy as it probably should be. Just incase something went wrong, I deceded to confront this man where other people _would_ be able see what was going on. The corner next to the UP Fred Meyer was perfect. I had Michael recording as soon as we got out of the car. We walked tward the bus stop as to not apear unusual. As soon as he passed by I knew from markings, that the bike he was on, was indeed MINE! I grabed the seat post and he stoped abruptly. I told him that he had MY BIKE,

he claimed that he had found it in my neighborhood on Thursday, and had posted signs a diffrent nearby neighborhood. I after he gave it back to me, he took the bus to where ever he was going and now I will live happily ever after.
The lesson I learned from this is one that really shouldn't need to be leared.
But that simple lesson for me is to allways remember that there will be people that will try to take from you.