Mount St. Helens

Derek & Brandon visit Mount St. Helens

Brandon Rowley & Derek Rowley at Mount St. Helens

Brandon and I had a good time at Mt. St. Helens, we left UP early in the morning. When we reached the Coldwater Creek Visitors Center parking lot, we noticed we were pretty much the only people there.
We then drove to the Johnston Ridge Observatory parking lot, which was totaly empty. We started on our little hike and had great views of St. Helens the whole time. It was hot and sunny with not a cloud in the sky. We headed toward Spirit Lake but knew that we probably woudn't have time to make it there and back. We stopped after about 2 miles. We were able to see Mt. Adams but not Rainier. Brandon and I sat on a rock and ate lunch together. We were actually cold sitting there since the wind was blowing so much. We then hiked back to the car and headed back home. We got home at about 5:30 pm., a little longer due to traffic.

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