BYI-I Pond Skimming 2009

5 February 2009

I decided to take a break from doing nonstop homework for the last forever. The take home Stats test was killer.
There are 1603 pictures. The thumbnails alone are 13mb. The resized (larger images) together are 168 mb. Each being on average 107.62 KB with a standard deviation of 21.30 kb.

I devided them up as best I could by number, some contestants did not go in their turn, so some are out of order. There is a "Featured Pics" page that has some pictures that I liked. However there are some really good crashes that can only be appreciated by looking at the indivual series.

I tried to get pictures of everyone but there were a few random ones I missed, and there was about 10 minutes near the end when my camera wasn't working due to the water that was splashed on it turning to ice (yes, inside my Canon 40D). My camera started working again after a few minutes and I was able to get the rest.

So I heard that the guy who got injured not only sliced his head open, but also broke his tailbone, ouch! I'm assuming the bar connecting the seat to the handle bars did this.
I'm considering buying a woman’s bike now...

It was nice that they had color changing lights and a person working the spotlight, but I was surprised that the judge's couch was placed directly in front of the spotlight. Maybe next year they will consider putting the spotlight in a place that is able to cover the whole pond. Better lighting from the end of the pool would have been nice... Maybe some sort of a stationary flood light positioned about 20 feet up from the end of the pond.

BYUI Pond Skimming 2009

BYUI Pond Skimming 2009